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Establishment of input and output mathematical model based on vibratory excavating system of excavator

Author(s): Xueyong Chen, Shiguo Chen

In excavator dynamics, the establishment of excavator vibratory excavating system is illustrated comprehensively. In this paper, based on excavator vibratory excavating system, a related mathematical model of the input and output system was set up. In this process, Through the establishment of excavator dynamics vibration model, the linear dynamic system was effectively analyzed, and its output mathematical model was refined also, leading to a efficient establishment of transfer function equation. Then an effective simulation analysis was conducted regarding the excavator dynamics vibration model, by which the frequency response characteristic curve of the excavator dynamics system was generalized and summarized and charted eventually. After that, relevant discussions were conducted regarding the establishing process of excavator model, and a specific list of model components was given to illustrate the function characteristics of the components, which provided effective theoretic supports for the establishment of the input and output mathematical model of the vibratory excavating system. Finally, the establishing process of input and output model was effectively refined according to the path planning of excavating process, which is the main thought and approach of the research process of this paper so that the mathematic model can be built through related model matrix and the scientificity and rationality of the research process can be emphasized.

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Table of Contents

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