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Establishment of China SME financing model - based on analysis of information asymmetry angle

Author(s): Shiqin Hong, Xiaoyan Gu

An important force for economic development in the 21st century is SMEs. SMEs in China’s national economy occupy a very important position, especially in GDP creation, tax payment and job creation process has made important contributions. GDP directly stimulating economic growth,improving market efficiency,optimize the industrial structure, promoting technological innovation, increase employment opportunities, and promote social stability, increase revenue and promotion of international trade has played a pivotal role. So far, the total number of SMEs has more than 99% of the total number of enterprises, is the mainstay of China's economic development, its survival and development by the government and the community's attention. But the financing channel for SMEs is very narrow, external financing of the bank loan is the main financing channels,which is thriving SME development trend disproportionate. And because of the presence of serious information asymmetry between banks and enterprises, the loan applications are often rejected the bank, so the bank credit channel is not smooth, financing and thus become a key factor restricting the development of SMEs. This article established the SME credit model and SME credit model to illustrate information, credit financing for SMEs in the operation mechanism and propose appropriate solutions.

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