Equipment trust and rental problem risk prewarning model based on modular combined improved BP neural network

Author(s): Tian Ying, Zhong Wei-qing, Wang Cheng

Equipment paid hosting and leasing is an important service's modern service industry, Aiming at the faults occurring currently, individual equipment idle, areas of demand, leasing scheduling unreasonable. Combined paid hosting and leasing risk management sample data and fuzzy neural network, confirmed input and output vector of network according to the improve BP network and diagnosed the fault of paid hosting and leasing risk management. The diagnosis is consistent with the reality. Use MATLAB to simulate neural network fault diagnosis and the simulation results show that the diagnosis error is small, output vector and the actual fault matrix results are approximate. It have great application value for the judge paid hosting and lease management risk, analyse paid hosting and lease management risk main origin, proposed enterprise avoid paid hosting and lease management risk.

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