Environment adaptive model-based to university english standard linguistic competence evaluation analysis

Author(s): Zhe Ren

With the development of integration of world economy, English as a main communicative language, it has already become Chinese second learning language, however due to Chinese education system and English education have differences, it leads to China’s cultivation on university students’ English competence lacking of practicability. In order to find out solutions and University English standard linguistic competence evaluation system in new environment, the paper according to analytic hierarchy process, in case considering practicability, professional needs, the need for exchange and improve selfcultivation as well as other influence factors, it gets China universities English standard linguistic competence evaluation main evaluation criterion proportions, that oral English ability, English reading ability and English understanding and application ability proportions are respectively 0.353,0.314 and 0.333. Thereupon, after English education environment changing, adapt to its characteristics, it gets University English standard linguistic competence evaluation indicators are oral English ability, reading ability as well as understanding and application ability. Therefore, when evaluating university English standard linguistic competence, it should focus on the three indicators to establish evaluation system.

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