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Empirical research on sports participation impacts on pre-school children development

Author(s): Yang Yu, Shaohua Yu

With rapidly development of national economy, in contemporary China, different cities, different regions people have started to research on how to more comprehensive and scientific educate pre-school children, and then find out important factors that mainly affect pre-school children sound development and qualities improvements. The paper starts from children engaged sports, studies sports impacts on their future physical health, moral accomplishments and innovation capacity, by statistical analysis and correlation analysis method, it studies sports and children development relationship and its effects on children innovation capacity. Firstly, analyze different families, different schools atmospheres, different urban environment important effects on children development and their responsibilities, and get that it will bring into better development of children under parents accompanying environment and good learning atmosphere as well as social environment. Secondly, start from family sports consumption status in children different periods. Finally it gets conclusions: though contemporary family focuses on children sports consumption, put emphasis on children sports, improve their innovation capacity and learning ability, it still lacks of recognition on sports essence in some aspects, which are aspects should be of contemporary families, society and schools concerns, it must increase advertise sports important effects on children future development.

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Table of Contents

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