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Empirical analysis on regional logistics capacity and regional economic development based on the panel data

Author(s): Qingfu Zhou

Regional logistics capacity is closely related to regional economic development and the former can reflect the basic status and development trend of the latter. This paper first describes in detail regional logistics capacity and discusses the main parts contained in regional logistics capacity based on specific results of domestic relevant literature research. In this paper, the principal component analysis (PCA) is used to calculate all the reflective indexes so that the further study on the main contents and the influences of regional logistics capacity can be conducted and the scientific calculation towards it can be made; this paper next discusses regional economic development and enumerates main factors that may influence its development, thus playing the security role in the improvement of the regional logistics capacity; the effective method of multivariate statistics and analysis is used in this paper to identify the relationship between two sets of variables based on the canonical correlation analysis on regional logistics capacity and regional economic development, so that the existent correlation can be fully reflected and the inherent relationship between them can be further discussed. The above information introduces the main idea of this paper and also fully expounds the main research field in this paper. This paper further summarizes that the advancement of regional logistics capacity can promote the sound and rapid economic growth.

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