Elementary and secondary school wushu teaching reformation and Chinese traditional cultural development research

Author(s): Ningbo Lin

With society getting closer to modernization, Wushu has gradually faded out from our lives, in order to inherit our precious Chinese culture, Wushu education has gradually being brought into education important parts. Face to Chinese Wushu education status: little faculty, imperfect education system and so on, Wushu education reforming is a task that allows no delay. In order to let students fast and well grasp Wushu method and technique in limited time, and promote Wushu teaching quality to great limits, teachers should apply effective teaching method under correct theory guidance. The paper carries on reformation research on Chinese elementary and secondary school Wushu education teaching method aspects. The paper takes elementary and secondary Wushu educators and students as research objects, applies analytic hierarchy process method to make analysis and research on basic composition, integrated and decomposing model, collective and group practice as well as the game teaching four kinds of teaching methods from influence of the classroom, students receiving degrees, teaching difficulty and popular degree four perspectives. Finally, it gets that integrated and decomposing model teaching method is the best, it should become Wushu teachers’ main teaching methods, and according to practical situation, combine with other three methods with an aim to let students to be easier receiving and absorbing.

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