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Efficacy of guajavarin as a coupler in the synthesis of azo dyes and its application on chrome tanned leather

Author(s): J.Obadahun,O.B.Agho,C.Enyeribe,A.I.Okele

Guajavarin was extracted from guava leaf and successfully used as a coupler in the synthesis of some azo dyes with sulphanilic acid, p-phenylenediamine, diphenylamine and p-anisidine to form a coloured azo dyes exhibiting absorption maxima (max) at 480, 640,600 and 500nm for dye A, B, C and D respectively. The synthesis azo dyes are stable for more than two hours. The retention factor (RF value) calculated for the dyes are 0.72, 0.76, 0.78,0.88 and 0.85 respectively which indicates that the molecular weight of the dyes decreases in the order of sulphanilic acid > P- anisidine> diphenylamine> P-phenylenediamine respectively. The fastness properties on chrome tanned leather showed very good fastness indicative of a great potential in future application of these dye in colour technology.

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