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Effects of multimedia assisting teaching on the improvement of the students football skill

Author(s): Mingqi Gao

The football-skill teaching has been in the practice-centered state for a long time. In view of the existing state, this investigation, based on the football elective course, studies the effects of multimedia-assisting teaching on the football-skill teaching. The multimedia can make the teaching more visually oriented and help the students understand and master the football skill better so as to achieve more ideal teaching effects. Adopting the multimediaassisting teaching in the conventional football-skill teaching mode can show the act more visually, optimize the teaching structure and improve the students' ability. The test result shows that the multimedia-assisting teaching mode has three kinds of studied football skills improved significantly and is worth popularized. However, we could not emphasize the importance of the multimedia teaching blindly. During the multimedia-assisting teaching, we should adopt the multimedia reasonably according to the teaching contents and integrate the advantage of the conventional teaching with that of the multimedia teaching in hope of achieving the best teaching effects. This study, choosing all elective course students as subjects demonstrates in fact three kinds of students' football skills (shooting, kick-further and kick-accurate) with 5 methods such as experimental method and contrastive method. The test result shows that the use of multimedia in the footballskill teaching can improve the students significantly.

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