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Effective application of information model in the data sorting process of music recommendation

Author(s): Rongli Ju

In the process of effective collection and sorting, music recommendation data needs to make appropriate model analysis to give full guarantee to its effectiveness. Combining the data of Knowledge Discovery Cup Challenge in 2011 Track2, the study makes the corresponding research process, in which it collects and sorts the total number of users and the total entry of data effectively to make the data can be effectively established. And then, it defines the training data and the usersÂ’ item data to make sure the positive example and counter example maintain a high degree of clear. In the process, it transmits these item data and positive example, counter example to the two information models (regression model and scheduling model) to estimate the error probability effectively and determine the final information model. This is the main purpose and related research process of this study. Through the application of this process, it guarantees the accuracy and validity of the information model, making the music recommendation data to achieve the appropriate transparency and the data analysis process have a more strong rationality. From the aspect of the effect of information model, the analysis process of this study not only can make the specific results of the experiment more convincing, but also can ensure the analysis process and the analysis step of the data achieve more comprehensive, so as to improve the validity of recommendation data continuously.

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Table of Contents

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