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Effective application of computer evaluation system in various sport’s strength training

Author(s): Yang Xiaoyan

The computer evaluation system plays a positive role in the strength training of athletes and benefits for the development of strength. In this paper it makes lots of studies about the path that constructed the computer aided training modes to effectively extend the input of data, which provides auxiliary help for the strength training. Meanwhile, applying the structure of computer aided training system to analyze the basic elements of strength training and find out the key factors that needed in the process of training. Then sorting out the shortcomings of training modes to comprehensively analyze the data. Through positive evaluation, the computer evaluation system can play a fundamental role in daily training of athletes and provides technological support for the training management. In this paper the clear objective exerts a positive effect on the training indicator and the long term plan of athletes and coaches. And the effective application of this system can be promoted to improve the training quality finally.

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Table of Contents

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