Effect of the improvement of the quantitative evaluation model of teaching material on the development of mathematics courses in university

Author(s): Qunzhen Zheng, Ziqiang Zhao

As the important basis for selection of university public mathematics curriculum materials, the establishment of the materials quality evaluation system can ensure the continuous improvement of teaching quality, the choice of teaching materials can have a positive impact to development of courses teaching, which can conducive to the overall development of a public university mathematics courses. The scientific establishment of the materials quantitative evaluation model can take a scientific assessment for teaching secondary and overall objectives form fundamental. The establishment of quality evaluation system can provide an effective basis for the process of teaching quality evaluation model, which can make the establishment of quality evaluation model has a relatively strong layering. Making the in-depth exploration of materials evaluation index system by analytic hierarchy process, the processes of "scientific" and "reasonableness" of quality evaluation model can continuously improve, which can provide strong theoretical support for the practical application of the model.

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