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Effect of sinus swelling of maxillary sinus cyst of nasal mucosa cilia

Author(s): Ruiyu Li, Kaoshan Guo, Meng Li, Jinjie Hou, YanLing Zhao, Xinhua Bian, LipingWu, Yahui Liu,Yuhong Liu

Objective: To investigate the sinus swelling side effect onmaxillary sinus cyst of nasalmucosa cilia.Methods: 34 cases ofmaxillary sinus cyst patients (treatment group), mean age (25.5 ± 2.2) years old; the control group was 30 healthy persons, the average age was(31.8 ± 9.1), treatment group oral sinus Xiaozhong decoction, and the control group before treatment, 30 days to observe the variation of ostiomeatal complex mucociliary group before and after treatment. The nasal mucosa of maxillary sinus mucosa around the mouth, immediately after collection in 2.5% glutaraldehyde solution, and stored in the 40! refrigerator. Then use the saccharin test measuring nasal mucociliary transport rate (Mucociliary transport rate, MTR), statistically compared with the healthy group and treatment group before and after the ostiomeatal complex mucociliary change. Results: The two groups by saccharin test measuring nasal mucociliary transport rate (Mucociliary trans-port rate,MTR) detection: healthy group 30 cases, MTR (mm/min) 8.18±2.29 before treatment,the treatment group 34 cases, MTR(mm/min) 4.06 ±1.24 (with the healthy group: P<0.05), after treatment in 34 cases, MTR(mm/min), 8.13±2.15 (P<0.01compared with before treatment); treatment group and healthy group (P>0.05).Conclusion: Sinus swelling can improve the maxillary sinus cyst with nasal mucociliary function, reduce inflammation ofmaxillary sinus

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