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Effect of nano-silver hydrogel composite antibacterial film mulching on the second degree scald rabbits model.

Author(s): Jia Jiao-Jiao, Bai Ming, Tian Shuo, Miao Ming-San

Objective: To verify the external use of nano-silver hydrogel composite antibacterial film on the rabbits scald model. Methods: Scalded rabbits back with constant temperature of 100 DEG C water, established the deep second degree burn rabbit model successfully . Describe scald area with transparent sulfuric acid paper, observe the time of rabbit dorsal skin crusting , local swelling and infection of scald, and integral, take the wound for pathological analysis. Results: high , medium, low doses of nano-silver gel coated groups can obviously promote the healing of burn wound , can avoid the formation of blisters and early stage of infection, improve tissue pathological change . Conclusion: Nano-silver hydrogel composite antibacterial film has good therapeutic effect on scald.

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