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Effect of fermentation on the quality of extruded corn noodles

Author(s): Shao Hong,Li Yunjiao, Ma Yong

By determining the water absorption, loss rate, textural property and color index of extruded corn noodles at different fermentation time, the effect of fermentation on the quality of extruded corn noodles was studied. The results indicated that fermentation increased the water absorption from 45.89% to 48.93% and decreased the loss rate from 8.01% to 4.31%. With extending the fermentation time, the hardness, chewiness and cohesiveness of noodles were improved. When the fermentation time was 12 hours, these three indicators reached the maximum, which were 7216.42, 6221.96 and 0.75, respectively. Fermentation had no significant effect on the brightness value, while the redness value was reduced from 9.85 to 4.48 and the yellowness value was enlarged from 38.82 to 49.04, which improved the color of extruded corn noodles

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