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Effect of aerobic exercise on young women teachers cardio-pulmonary function

Author(s): Man Wang

In order to study the effect of aerobic exercise on young women teacher’s cardiopulmonary function, this thesis employs contrast test. By choosing 68 full-time young women teachers of a university to do the aerobic exercise for 6 months (5 times/d and 35 min/ time) and doing statistical analysis of a large number of data from the measured and recorded parameter of young women teachers’ lung ventilation function before and after the test, the research shows that the young women teachers get fitter and fitter through aerobic exercise, physical index such as BMI and WHR are apparently better than those women teachers who have never done aerobic exercise, and especially vital capacity, stroke volume, maximal oxygen uptake and ejection fraction are greatly improved as well as myocardial systolic function is obviously enhanced. The pulmonary function of these tested women teachers is greatly raised after doing aerobic exercise for 6 months, for instance, MVV (Maximal Voluntary Ventilation per minute) and the vital capacity have an apparent enhancement, whose difference (q<0.001) has a great statistical significance. The obvious increasing in stroke volume and negative accelerating in heart rate make the difference statistical significance (q<0.001) more noticeable. Always doing aerobic exercise can improve the heart. The index of heart’s total volume of the people who always do aerobic exercise is increased, the cardiac volume and the ventricular wall thickness are raised, ventricular chamber becomes bigger, because the bigger ventricle is help to increase ventricular filling volume and also is good to cardiac function. To sum up, aerobic exercise can effectively enhance cardio-pulmonary function of young women teachers.

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