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Economic effect of big data compressed storage technology in Rock burst experiment

Author(s): Yan-ping Bai, Yu Zhang

State Key Laboratory for GeoMechanics and Deep Underground Engineering (GDLab) has accumulated more than 500 TB data of Rockburst experiment. But so far the amount of analysed data is less than 5% in GDLab. Data storage dilemma is restricting the study mechanism of Rockburst. In this paper, we applied big data technology into analyse of Rockburst, and makes deep analysis about characteristic of Rockburst data. Basing on this, a big data based data storage systems (BDSS) for Rockburst experiment was proposed. BDSS based on Hadoop for Rockburst with online data loading and rapid retrieval of data. In Storage node machine cluster in BDSS, Big Data Compressed Storage Algorithm was proposed. The algorithm can provide average compressed ratio about 3.26%. Experimental analysis shows that the algorithm has excellent performance in Rockburst and solves the Data storage dilemma. Research work of this paper laid some foundation of Rockburst.

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