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Ecological research configuration of cave architecture in Wang Yu village of Shanxi Province.

Author(s): Weicheng Han, Tieying Li

Cave building houses the world's largest extant living a traditional form, along with the social and economic development, the continuation and development of cave architecture has been relatively large impact. Cave is difficult to meet the housing needs of the construction of contemporary society residents, especially prominent in the town’s performance. Cave buildings are being degraded and disappear, development cave building facing great difficulties, cave dwellings and folk culture has also elapsed. Articles selected for the study area in Shanxi Jinzhong cave building, research and analysis of various aspects of the problem areas in Shanxi Jinzhong cave buildings in the town existence, cave architecture proposed adaptive significance and necessity of updating and development of contemporary society, the study cave construction update and strategy development. There Jinzhong cave in the village common areas restrain kiln, as well as by Cliff kilns, brick kilns and other forms, called Grand cave. Cave has some regenerative capacity building, so the temperature is relatively stable, fit for human habitation. This paper carried out the construction of ecological cave topography study Wang Yu village, provide new ideas and guidance for the future protection of Wang Yu village cave architecture.

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Table of Contents

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