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Distribution of patent license fee in technology standard alliance: Dynamic process, Scheme and decision method

Author(s): Shan-shan Wang, Hong-qi Wang, Yue Li, Li Li

Distribution of patent license fee is the core content of intellectual property rights management in technology standard alliance, so a method for scientific and reasonable allocation of patent license fee is necessary which determines the long-term cooperation and sustainable development of alliance. In this paper, authors put forward the principles and dynamic process of patent license fee distribution in technology standard alliance by analyzing the patent license patterns and the royalty distribution characteristics of alliance. After that, the ditribution scheme consists of both fixed part and variable part is proposed. Finally, the distribution coefficient determination method based on partner opinion integration is designed. The ditribution process and scheme designed by authors fully considers the alliance’s dynamic patent composition under technology standard as well as the final actual contribution of each partner. Simultaneously, the distribution coefficient determination method provided in this paper can effectively integrate all participant’s opinions and has a dual function of encouragement and restriction for alliance partners, which may improve the efficiency of decision-making in alliance benefit allocation. This research may provide decision basis for technology standard alliance to allocate its patent license fee reasonably.

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