Discussion on table tennis size reform advantages and disadvantages based on fuzzy comprehensive analysis and game theory

Author(s): Zhi Fang

For table tennis reforming fromsmall to big influence, the paper willmake quantitative analysis from athletes’ experience qualities and audience appreciation qualities two aspects so as to ensure its comprehensiveness. For athletes’ experience qualities, the paper establishes fuzzy comprehensive analysis algorithm’s evaluation model, it gets before table tennis reforming (that is small ball era) athletes’ experience qualities fuzzy comprehensive value as 70.586, and after reforming one is 63.812, so that get athlete experience qualities have some reductions. The next is establishing competition hosting manufacturers and professional technicians two parties game model, it gets organizers’ pure economic efficiency increases, whichmapping audiences appreciation interests have been improved. Finally with the help of fuzzy mathematical thought, it establishes proportional distribution model, and makes reasonable suggestions for table tennis size.

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