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Discussion on optimization model of vehicle scheduling in logistics enterprises:taking the first division of south xinjiang corps as an example

Author(s): Qingsong Jiang ,Wei Xing , Jianghe Yao

As a key link of optimal resource allocation in logistics enterprises, vehicle scheduling problem is difficult in the researches of logistics domain due to various influencing factors. By analyzing common types of vehicle scheduling problem and combining the practical situation of logistics enterprises in south Xinjiang corps, this paper adopted the step-down research method by dividing route branches. Firstly, this study established relatively simple optimization model of vehicle scheduling by simplifying assumptions and research objects. Then, empirical analysis was also presented according to the real situation of South Xinjiang corps. And with lingo software programming, the scheduling results were obtained. The solving process is very convenient and the model results were in great agreement with reality. The related results have certain guiding significance for the resources’ optimal allocation of local Logistics Enterprises.

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