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Discussion on establishment of systems related to functions of computer system in the developing process of sports assistant training

Author(s): Xiaohui Li

In order to make the sports assistant training more scientific, training efficiency higher, training results better, systems related to the functions of the computer system based on machine vision is established in this study, using advanced computer technology to identify the number of rings instead of traditional visual inspection. The system built in this study is adopted with camera to shoot the image of target position, monitor and record the data of shooting results at shooting position in real time, and then analyze and process the collected monitoring data, finally get the data required for sports assistant training, and then analyze the statistical property of the data obtained for single assistant training and the assistant training with whole process and evaluate the scheme of assistant training. The assistant training systems built in this study can well analyze and evaluate the date of training results in real time and can provide more scientific and reasonable methods for sports assistant training. University education is mainly to train high quality talents, and college physical education is the powerful means to develop students’ all-around development on morality, intellectuality and physicality. This study has improved the college physical education by establishing systems related to the functions of the computer system based on machine vision, according to specific situations of college physical education and summarized and evaluated the quality evaluation system of college physical education from the angle of combination of quantification and determination on nature as well as has drawn some valuable conclusions.

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