Discussion on environmental and water quality protection combining old town’s current situation of stony desertification

Author(s): Weirui Chu, Sensen Li, Yafeng Li

Water quality of Middle Route Project of S - N water diversion Head works conforms to national related standard in general, while if developing of stony desertification in Xichuan town is ignored, the ecological environment will become worse, which will influence requirement on water quality of South-to-North Water Diversion Project and safety of Danjiangkou Reservoir. This article uses the old town in Nanyang-Xichuan as the object of investigation and study, research and analyze factors that influence environment around Middle Route Project of S - N water diversion water source such as water, plant, microorganism, soil content, etc aiming at present situation of Xichuan Town’s stony desertification. The result shows that the widely distributed carbonate is the geological background of forming stony desertification, population growth and unreasonable human behavior is the main reason of stony desertification, and comes up with principle of adjusting measures to local conditions and scientific prevention, making specific controlling measures such ad improving prevention consciousness, avoiding human-caused cutting, converting cultivated land into forests and choosing plants and afforested methods according to different landforms, etc, so as to guarantee water quality of water source in Middle Route Project of S - N water diversion and smooth water delivery to Beijing, etc.

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