Discuss on influence of college mathematical modeling on the construction and improvement of traffic flow model

Author(s): Guirong Yuan

With the construction and development of urban traffic network, traffic flow has been the core of urban traffic management, while constructing scientific and reasonable traffic flow model plays an important role in traffic system. During the process of construction, college mathematical modeling system is employed and at the same time, the influence of main factors on traffic flow is analyzed as well as negative effect of objective factors such as natural environment on traffic flow also should be paid attention to. The construction of traffic flow is a kind of dynamic process, which takes advantage of the feature of mathematical modeling to traffic flow to design parameters and then to construct traffic flow equation which is consistent with reality. During the course of studying, the research on relative variables of affecting traffic per minute on highway is needed to conduct. Based on the theory of calculus, the construction of college mathematic modeling to traffic flow model takes vehicles on road as continuous particles to build traffic flow model. In the process of constructing traffic flow model by using college mathematical modeling, the thesis analyzes relevant parameters in the model by making use of direct and indirect traffic flow equation. On this basis, the thesis conducts the further construction and improvement of traffic flow in mathematical modeling system. During the process of study and analysis, the paper puts forward the matters that need to pay attention to in the process of building model, the set of traffic flow parameters, analysis of effect factors and the set of traffic flow equation to finally decide the structure of traffic flow and then to effectively manage and control urban traffic.

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