Direct influences on AQI, PM2.5 and PM10 after and before vehicle limit line

Author(s): Zuozhi Li

Stored up the study of chemical composition and characteristics on air quality, the paper’s preference is the ameliorated influences on set-2 (AQI, PM2.5& PM10) owing to set-1 of the chemical and atmospheric factors. Based on 245 samplings of the official websites, the correlations and effect degrees are primarily analyzed in the 6 different scenarios. CCA technique is proposed and the austerely statistic significance of CCA regression at each scenario is achieved. The findings are that, before and after Vehicle Limit Line, the evidently lowered correlations (set-1 and No2) on weekdays and the obviously raised correlations (set-1 and So2) on weekend are presented, as well as the influences are statistically coincident and synchronously lessened especially from Co on workdays, while hysterical indistinguishableness on workend.

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