Differentmethods in the synthesis ofmono(Bi)-heterocyclic sixmembered cyanine dyes: a review

Author(s): H.A.Shindy

This paper is reviews of different methods in the synthesis mono(bi)- heterocyclic six membered cyanine dyes. In this paper reviewdetailed synthesis steps were represented via equations. The synthesis covers monomethine cyanine dyes (simple cyanine dyes), dimethine cyanine dyes, trimethine cyanine dyes (carbocyanine dyes), meso-substituted trimethine cyanine dyes, tetramethine cyanine dyes, bis tetramethine cyanine dyes, styryl cyanine dyes (hemi cyanine dyes), bis styryl cyanine dyes (bis hemi cyanine dyes), aza-styryl cyanine dyes (aza-cyanine dyes), bis aza-styryl cyanine dyes (bis aza-cyanine dyes), a cyclic mero cyanine dyes, cyclic mero cyanine dyes and mixed cyanine dyes. In addition, some significant uses, applications and properties of cyanine dyes were given in the introduction section of this paper review. Reviewing some of the differentmethods in the synthesis of only mono(bi)-heterocyclic six membered cyanine dyes can be considered as a new and/or a novel type of reviewing which have not mentioned in the literature before.

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