Differential equation-based promote basketball field-goal percentage kinematics correlation factor research

Author(s): Liju Gan

In basketball game, it usually shots a ball that decide winning or losing in the last minutes of game, so improve player field-goal percentage is very important. The paper carries out kinematics analysis of basketball motion trajectory in free throw and free shot two cases, and combine with mathematical differential method, it gets basketball goal rate is related to basketball release height, speed and angle. With the help of MATLAB software, it makes analysis of data in case of free throwing, it gets that promote basketball release angle accuracy can more easily promote goal rate. Analysis of free shot, it is clear that basketball best release angle is 42.7925°~62.4099°. And basketball release angle gets higher; speed gets bigger that between 8~9 m/s, it is easier to make the goal. Therefore, it suggests player to control basketball release angle to promote goal rate, control angle is between 42.7925°~62.4099°.

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