Difference analysis of physical quality affects flop performance based on GST and logistic

Author(s): Zhiyong Jiang

Since flog technique emerged, through constant improvement and innovation, the flog technique becomes more and more important in high jump competition. In flog technique, curved run-up and take-off are the most important parts, especially for final two steps run-up and take-off perfect joined that plays an important role in improving performance. Through researchingmotion skills, analyzing take-off instant state changes, it proves up what is the key to affect high jump performance, in the hope of getting higher results. To explore high jumpers high jump performance and physical qualities relationships, it adopts grey systemtheory grey relational degree and blockage growth model to analyze, finds out connections between the two, from which standing triple jump, run-up hands height touch, 4-6 steps run-up jump have significant influences on performance, then further define which indicator has bigger influence on high jump performance and based on that it carries out more targeted training in high jumpers daily training

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