Development strategies of Kaifeng city's cultural tourism in the process of Zheng-Bian integration

Author(s): Zhi-biao Wang, Ming Zhang

The acceleration of the process of Zheng-Bian integration lays the foundation for the integration of cultural tourism of the two cities. However, the local government of Kaifeng is troubled with the question of how to develop its cultural tourism in this process. Based on real observations and investigations on spot, this paper puts forward the strategic choices of Kaifeng City's cultural tourism from the perspectives of the merging development and the divergence development between Zhengzhou City's and Kaifeng City's cultural tourism. These development strategies resolve the location problem of Kaifeng City's cultural tourism in the process of Zheng-Bian integration and point the way to develop Kaifeng City's cultural tourism. Differentiated from those studies on intercountry integration and intra-city integration, this paper focuses on intercity integration, which puts forward such new ideas as cultural tourism market merging between cities, integration of cultural resources, innovation and upgrading of cultural tourism products.

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