Development of an online-solid phase extraction-electrochemical method for the quantification of lead in water media

Author(s): Yu Wang, Zhao Zhang, Shibing Yu, Xiaoyan Deng, Haixia Gu, Fei Rong, XueJun Kang

In order to detect the lead in water sample with high sensitivity and selectivity, an automatic method based on a combined preconcentration setup and flowinjection systemwas developed.Anovel packed fiber solid phase extraction (PFSPE) cartridge packed with polystyrene nanofibers functionalized with dithizone (PS-DZ) was first designed to adsorb lead from water media in an online manner. Because the rapid adsorbtion/ desorption equilibrium of lead ions on the nanofibers, the lead could be adsorbed on and liberated from the sorbent more fast and thoroughly compared with the conventional sorbent. The eluted lead in 0.1 mol L-1 HNO3 was dispersed toward the electrolytic cell which was used for the quantification of the target ion. The anodic stripping voltammetry with glassy carbon electrode pre-coated by mercury film as working electrode was used in the detection part. Basing on the selective extraction of PS-DZ nanofibers, the interferential ions can be removed fromthe sample and the lead ion can be concentrated. The systemwas proved simple and convenient for quantification of lead in water samples with satisfactory results in an online and in site manner

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