Developing and applying integration system of energy—Economy—Environment control under the perspective of sustainable development

Author(s): Wenbin Ma, Lingzhi Wang, Yang Yang

In the energy - economy - environment system, sustainable energy is the foundation, sustainable environment is the condition, sustainable economy is the ultimate goal. Coordinated and sustainable development is the human-oriented scientific development, which requires the stable and healthy development of complex system in energy - economy - environment system. The coordinated development in the whole system is of great significance for the transformation of economic development pattern in China and the sustainable development of the society as a whole. On the basis of balanced and sustainable development theory, the system structure, component element, system function, operating mechanism, causal relation model, feedback loop and so on in energyeconomy- environment system is given focused research through the integrated use of qualitative and quantitative method in this paper, so as to strive for providing scientific theoretical basis and the suitable operation method for the balanced and sustainable development of China's energy, economy and environment.

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