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Determination of Ketamine in Urine Using Flow Injection Chemiluminescence

Author(s): Zhang P, Sun Y, Li J and Li Y

A simple, rapid and sensitive flow-injection chemiluminescence (FL-Cl) method has been developed for the determination of ketamine (KT) in urine; strong chemiluminescence (CL) signal was produced when KT was injected into the mixed stream of KMnO4 with Na2SO3 in acidic medium. Under the optimized conditions, the proposed method allowed the measurement of KT over the range of 5.0-600 ng mL-1 with a correlation coefficient of 0.9987, and the detection limit was 1.3 ng mL-1. The relative standard deviation for 50.0 ng mL-1 KT (n=11) was 3.2%. The optimal conditions for the detection of KT were eval

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