Detection of antibiotic residue in raw milk in Mashad by Delvo-test

Author(s): Mohamadi Sani Ali, Hakimzade Vahid*, Ziaeeian Shokooh

Drug residue is an important aspect in food safety.Also antibiotics are one of the most important bioactive and chemotherapeutic groups of compounds made by microbiological synthesis. Use of antibiotics may produce residues in milk, and subsequently induce allergic reactions in humans. In addition, antibiotics give rise to an increase in the antibiotic resistance of pathogenic bacteria, which may result in health problems. In many countries, governmental authorities have established monitoring programs to determine amaximumresidual level (MRL) for them. So the aim of this study was to determine antibiotic presence in milk samples in Khorasan province in Iran.During 4months (September toDecember 2013), one hundred milk samples were collected from seven dairies. Antibiotic presence was determined using Delvo test, a broad-spectrum test capable of detecting different antibiotics. Results showed that Copanmilk test was positive for 9%of the samples (8 samples). In the other samples the antibiotic content has been below the detection limit of kit.

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