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Detection and research of pest insect to fresh jujubes based on X-ray

Author(s): Qiao Yandan, Sun Haixia, Zhang Shujuan

Pest insect in fresh jujubes seriously affects the eating. For the sake of gaining comprehensive situation of inside pest insect, research is conducted based on X-ray. Firstly, collect X-ray patterns of 150 normal and pest-insect Huping jujube samples respectively; secondly, preprocess them with 3*3gaussian filter method; thirdly, draw the pest-insect characteristics adopting methods of image enhancement, image segmentation and morphological processing; fourth, construct image evaluation criterion of Pixel ratio, and divide the 150 normal Huping jujubes and 150 pest-insect ones randomly into calibration set and prediction set with the proportion of 4:1; and lastly, as for calibration set, take the total highest accuracy as the criterion to determine the optimal threshold value, which is 3.75%. And take this value as criterion to discriminate the 60 samples in prediction set, and the accuracy is 86.7%. It proves that the detection and research on pest insect of fresh jujubes based on X-ray are effective, which provide foundation to perfect the on-line nondestructive testing technology and methods of pest-insect fresh jujubes

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