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Design of LCD touchscreen controller based on MCU

Author(s): Suqin Wang, Liansheng Cheng, Yuezhen Gao

As a modern product the most commonly used in industry, family and office, LCD touchscreen has experiences a price decline because of the development and breakthrough on key technology. The LCD touchscreen has already replaced the traditional cathode-raytube- CRT monitor. Due to its portability, miniaturization and low power display technologies,LCD touch screen has become the overlord of the application areas such as families, hospitals, government agencies, and also has become a standard product. MCU refers to the technology to integrate most of the IC components in a microcomputer system into a single chip. It requests a lower development environment and has rich software resources. Generally, its product development only needs a PC and a programmer. Besides, it has a highly reliable application system, a standard system configuration and its function control has a lower cost but a higher performance. This study is based on the MCU of AT89C51 and uses the ADADS7843 proprietary controller to finish LCD touch-screen display system design. First, the essay will introduce the basic principle and design method of MCU, ADS7843 and four-wire resistive touch screen. Then the minimum system hardware interface framework design will be completed. The assembly language will be used in the software design to realize functions, including Chinese character display, scroll, move and touch.

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