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Design and research on the campus IC based on Java model

Author(s): Yanru Dong

Since the smart Cards came out in the 70s, it has been widely used throughout the world. But for various reasons, development process of one card system is very long and complicated. The Java Card technology is a good way to deal with the needs of a variety of applications and without interfering each other. Use Java Card technology development system has the advantages of simple programming, short development cycle, and high security, strong scalability and reusability and cross platform ability etc. The current development of the complexity of the campus IC system and use Java Card technology to develop such a system has a unique advantage. Due to the use of Java virtual machine, java Card Applet can perform in different JCAEs (Java Card Application Environment) in Java Card. To achieve cross-platform ability through the mechanism of the Java virtual machine, achieve the function of IC card, which greatly enhances the flexibility of smart Cards[3].

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