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Design and implementation of model of linear solver in computer filed

Author(s): Zefeng Zheng

The process of establishing the model of linear solver requires the application in computer field. So it can improve the practicability. According to the application of the model in the binocular stereoscopic visual system, this paper combines the particular situation and discusses the process. In this paper, firstly, according to the system structures of parallel optic axis, common optic axis and crossing optic axis, the effective determination is finished. Then liner solver can be used more widely and then unite the construction of two stereoscopic visual systems based on CCD camera to study the model specifically which provides a foundation for its establishment of mathematical models. Finally, the paper studies the matching process of the model of linear solver to ensure the course and purpose of the research. During this thesis, the design and construction of the model gains a powerful foundation, and through the specific application, the deficiency of the construction will be found and will be made up. As for the conclusions of this study can influence the following study positively and can ensure the scientificity and rationality of studies in this field.

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