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Design and development on travel product marketing system based on cloud computing technology

Author(s): Yilin Mao

At present, product distribution system in the world tourism industry needs support from informational means. While organic combination among cloud computing technology, internet of things and mobile internet is the key to the construction for tourism product marketing system. In the current information & technology environment, the platforms for cloud computing which are frequently used mainly include three categories, which are namely Azure, EC2 and GAE platforms etc. Research in this dissertation is to carry out contrast analysis on these three platforms, and to indicate the one with more maturity is the GoogleAPPEngine (GAE) platform via related analysis. In this dissertation, resources provided by GAE platform are used as the basis, on which customer requirements and system feasibility are analyzed, while design and construction are also carried out with respect to main functions of tourism product marketing and customizing system. Main functional modules in the marketing of tourism products include: query on tourism products, digital map in products, interaction experience of products and function sharing, as well as basic functional modules: Member registration and My space. In order to guide users to purchase tourism products, corresponding information platform is provided in this research, so that customers could access information about tourism products easily. Tourism product marketing system is not only a new direction for developing China in an informational way, but an extension of current tourism information, which will create more values for tourism enterprises in the end.

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