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DBSM-based study on staff attendance status

Author(s): Hongxia Chen, Yongkang Huang

With the consistent development of information era, the modern information technology has become a necessary part of people's life, learning and work, replacing the traditional mode consistently. Data Base Management System is an important software supporting data statistics in current field of information which features in structural data, independent data and easy expansion. Database management system is not only suitable for large computer, but can also be used in medium or small computer’s system. Attendance management system based on database can enable managers to fully understand and grasp the staff attendance status, on the basis of which managers can set out a reasonable and effective staff attendance management system program. Staff attendance management system based on database is a tedious process including design, development and implementation, during which the administrator need to provide relevant date updating and code setting for every details. The language commonly used in the database management system is Structured Query Language. SQL can manage the data and information in database. Attendance system for employees of enterprises is the basis on which the leadership of the company can deeply understand the attendance status of employees to formulate a effective program on staff attendance system management, and is the key to manage the staffs of all departments. During checking on employee attendance, the priority is the supervision on attendance status, such as the comprehensive management and statistics on status including arriving late or leaving early, working on time, business travel, asking for leave, absenteeism and other aspects.

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