Curve Fitting Factor Analysis-based School Sports and Educational System Reformation Research

Author(s): Yabiao Meng

School education and there is a close relationship between the education system reform, the school sports education to better for the future a period of time China's education system reform. The development of school education affects the students' physical quality and health of body and mind growth. Basketball, tennis, volleyball, football, gymnastics, aerobics, fuck, swimming and other sports, has an important influence on students' mental health. This article applies the method of curve fitting and factor analysis, combined with the development of ideas, through the introduction of sports and the percentage of the total education investment, education investment and the current state of Chinese students in physical education, starting from the aspects of combination of PE and health course, the problems existing in the study of Chinese physical education and the development direction in the future. Further put forward Chinese school sports should draw lessons from foreign ideas about sports education powers, should pay attention to the lifelong education mode, improving the students' physical and mental health development, will eventually be individualized, special students learning throughout life, social thoughts.

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