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County export trade in Jiangsu province: A spatial correlation analysis

Author(s): Chaoqi Li, Deyou Xu

Export trade is taken as an economic activity with strong demonstration effect and spillover effect, and spatial correlation should exist in export trade in adjacent geographical locations. This paper applies SLM and SEM models to make an econometric analysis on the spatial correlation of county export trade in Jiangsu province by spatial panel data. The empirical results are shown as follows: firstly, from the angle of county export trade in an adjacent area, the county export trade in Jiangsu province is not featured by spatial correlation; secondly, on the whole, there is spatial correlation in county export trade in Jiangsu province which is promoted by the whole export trade in surrounding areas, and export trade in counties and cities with larger areas or economic scales is significantly featured by spatial correlation; thirdly, regional differentials in county export trade in Jiangsu province, which are owing to spatial distances to a certain extent, are strengthened by the spillover effect and radiation effect of the trade among developed areas

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