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Correctly handle the contradiction relationship between economic growth and ecological environment system based on the research of provincial dynamic panel model

Author(s): Wei Huo

The industrial structural transformation and regional industrial transfer has further enhanced the economic linkages among various regions in China, the industry scale and development model in a region could not only influence the ecological environment in local area, but also exert an influence especially on the ecological environment in surrounding area, such pertinence of ecological environment among regions is not allowed to be ignored. For this purpose, relevant spatial factors are introduced based on the kuznets curve hypothesis of ecological environment, and the contradictory relationship between economic growth and ecological environment system is analyzed through applying provincial dynamic panel model. The research results indicate that China basically satisfies the assumption of EKC, and there exists significant spatial correlation in the destruction of ecosystem environment; the estimation model based on geographical weightings is better than economic weighting model obviously, namely the main reason of leading to the destruction overflowing of ecological environment system is the geographical factors instead of non-economic factors.

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