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Core strength training based research on competitive sports training methods

Author(s): Chao Chang

As European and American scholars frequently raised the concept of core strength training at the end of 20th century and gradually reach the competitive sports field, it still a comparatively new research in domestic academic world. Through the concept, we know that core strength is of great importance and significance to the improvement of Athletes' capacity. Also it exerts impact on the core strength training, which used to be frequently applied in fitness and rehabilitation and now in competitive sports training. Absolutely, there are still more questions to study, especially on theoretical knowledge, training methods and assessment. The training and assessment of core strength should be strengthened through the application of innovative research, so as to improve the scientific level of core strength training in competitive sports and reduce the non-targeted training. Core strength training in competitive sports is now gradually attracting attentions. Athletes could solve the problem of insufficient training of the trunk muscles through core strength training, especially in small muscles. However, there are also inescapable problems in core strength training. Theoretical study and practical application seriously disjoint with each other, which is reflected in the lacking of basic research and incomplete assessment method. Through research and analysis of theoretical knowledge on core area, core stability and core strength training, this essay is designed to raise some basic methods and notices on core strength training in competitive sports training. Besides, it also summarizes the basic training methods, so as to provide some referential suggestions on core strength training in competitive sports training.

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