Convenient And Facile Synthesis Of Isoxazolines To Isoxazoles And Pyrazolines To Pyrazoles By Using DMSO-I2

Author(s): Digambar D.Gaikwad, Sameer V.Renukdas1, Babashaheb V.Kendre1, Rajendra P.Pawar2, Pradeep D.Lokhande3

A number of 3,5-diarylpyrazoles and isoxazoles have been prepared by oxidation of pyrazolines and isoxazolines by using DMSO-I2 as an oxidizing reagent. The hydrogen bonding between phenolic hydroxy group and azomethine nitrogen determines regioselectivity. Iodine acts as mild, inexpensive oxidant in the reaction. The products confirmed from IR and NMR data.

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