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Construction of university students' moral value orientation new pattern under the condition of network

Author(s): Yunfeng Zhang, Furen Chen

With the rapid development of information technology, network is conveying all the known and unknown knowledge and information with its vivid form and vast capacity to people, but there will be a lot of adverse effect if we can’t indentify in the process of transmission, and cause a series of moral problems. Education departments of university can’t carried out in accordance with the traditional way when cultivating the talents, diversification of talents is not only the development goal of university, but also the development direction of future. Therefore, how to cultivate the talents that meet the social requirements under the background of network is worth deeply thinking. In this paper, with the method of questionnaire to analyze the problem of university students' moral issue, by adopting Saaty1-9 design model, using the quantitative analysis to get the weighted students' moral standards. Then discussing the pattern of university students' moral education under the condition of network, and put forward some useful suggestions to meet the requirements of the development of the society for talents.

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