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Construction of mobile education method and college English autonomous learning mode based on the network

Author(s): Peicong Yang

Under the circumstance of modern network technology, mobile education as a kind of teaching method has been practical applied in the college English autonomous learning mode. In order to achieve the effective combination of mobile education methods and college English autonomous learning mode, it is necessary to build the three-dimensional teaching mode, creating a multi-dimensional English learning environment for the students, and providing technical guarantee and the implementation environment. In this learning mode, students use the mobile communication technology to learn English anytime and anywhere, and input the rich language knowledge, create or simulate the real learning scenarios, making full use of fragmented time for effective learning. This study takes the modern network technology environment and mobile education theory as the starting point, and the improvement of college students' comprehensive ability to use English as the purpose, and adopts questionnaire survey method, comparative analytic method, the literature method, quantitative analysis and other research methods, in order to define the concept of mobile education clearly under the network environment and analyze the research status of mobile education. Under the network environment, the mobile education as a kind of teaching method applied in college English autonomous learning has been studied. In addition, this study discusses how to construct college English autonomous learning mode with the help of mobile education, in order to stimulate students' English autonomous learning ability, improving their comprehensive ability of English. The results is good for the construction of mobile education and college English autonomous learning mode, and is beneficial to college English teaching reform and innovation.

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