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Constitution analysis and comprehensive evaluation to the value of enterprises’ appropriate technology

Author(s): Zhijin Xu, Yankui Song

Appropriate technology is an important part of core competitiveness of enterprises, and its value is diverse and comprehensive. It is of important and strategic significance for an enterprise, a trade and a nation to understand and evaluate the value of appropriate technology correctly in the hope of realizing its sustainable development. On the basis of a large amount of domestic and foreign literature survey, case study and expert consultation, the essay analyzes systematically the connotation and composition of the enterprises’ appropriate technology value, and proposes and constitutes preliminarily its corresponding evaluation index system, and also clarifies its comprehensive evaluation model and method from the perspective of the symbiotic relationship of science & technology-economy-society-human-nature. The essay thinks the appropriate technology value of enterprises is composed of the value of science & technology, economy, society, human and ecology, and embodies the sustainable and symbiotic relationship between appropriate technology and its environmental system. Its evaluation in essence is multi-object, multi-factor, multi-layer, fuzzy and comprehensive, of which the key is to constitute rationally an evaluation index system and to select a suitable evaluation method. The constitution of evaluation index system should obey a series of basic principles of objectivity, systematization, science, feasibility and guidance, and it is correct and feasible to select the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation (FCE) method which is multi-factor, multi-layer, multi-operator, combined subjective with objective, qualitative with quantitative and expert review with accurate calculation. In the application of FCE method, the reasonable determination of index weight, evaluation model and compound operation operator is the important content to evaluate the value of appropriate technology objectively, comprehensively, scientifically, reasonably and effectively.

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