Consistency test of martial arts competition evaluation criteria based on mathematical ahp model

Author(s): HuWang

The grading criterion ofMartial art routine competition is fine and complex, the time for the referee to judge the game is very short and limit, such as boxing etc. optional routine only 90s, some competition time of the games is even less. Therefore, in such cases, the referee should give a more accurate grade according to the rules, and the difficulty is very great. In order to strictly abide by the rules and reach the simple, fast and accurate goal, we must select some indicators and variables that can accurately reflect the comprehensive ability of athletes. This paper attempts to introduce AHP mathematical model; the evaluation criteria are divided into two categories; it uses statistical software tools SPSS to establish judgment matrix and conduct consistency test; the results shows that: in the judgment matrix consistency test of walkthrough level, CR = 0.5953 <0.1; the judgment matrix consistency test of action completion is CR = 0.808 <0.1. The above judgment indicators all can go through consistency test evaluation and can be applied in the actual game.

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