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Concentration and distribution characteristics of PAHs in soil of parks in shenyang

Author(s): Hou Wei, Zhang Le, Li Yue, Zhang Wenjuan, Li Xiaojun

As the PAHs exchange, PAHs in dust and soil in a city park can reflect the pollution level of PAHs. By collecting samples of dust andsoil at different depths within eight parks in Shenyang, the concentration of PAHs in each sample was determined by indoor laboratory analysis, and then the pollution levels and the distribution characteristics of PAHs were analyzed in this paper. Especially, the distribution characteristics of ant, bap, flu, and pry in soils at different depths were analyzed. The results showed that the pollution levels of PAHs in dust, topsoil, and soil at 0-5cm depth within Wanquan Park were the highest, but there were almost no pollutants in soil at 5-10cm depth within this park. Secondly, the pollution levels of PAHs in soil of Zhongshan Park, Nanhu Park and Laodong Park were relatively high, and the concentrations of the four pollutants were all greater than those of other parks. In addition, from the perspective of the composition of PAHs pollutants, the concentration of high molecular weight PAHs was higher than that of low molecular weight PAHs. It was also found that the concentrations of pollutants in soil of parks basically decreased with the increase of depths and all the highest values were found in dust. Therefore, PAHs in soil were probably caused by substances in atmospheric dust fall from vehicle exhaust emission or fossil fuel combustion etc.

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