Computational investigation of microfluidic reactor with static mixers for analytical application

Author(s): Chandrasekar Nithya, Vajiravel Leela Vinodhan, Kalpoondi Sekar Rajan

Acomputational study ofmicrochannel reactorswith different staticmixers has been carried out. The influence of static mixers (rectangular and elliptical static mixers) on the fluid velocity and conversion in a microchannelwas studied for the case of enzyme catalyzed oxidation of glucose. Simulations were performed over a Reynolds number range of 0.1 – 100. The simulation results have been discussed along with the underlying mechanisms. Our results show that the shape of static mixer and its orientation with respect to the axis of microchannel influences substrateenzyme contact and the substrate conversion. The study provides an insight on the application of microchannels with static mixers for bioanalytical application.

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